Redefining Drinks Distribution

Sell Your Drinks Globally

INDIEDRINKS.DIRECT is a platform built to help drinks producers enter new markets globally without the need of finding importers or distributors.

Shortcut to your customer.

If you are a small manufacturer of beverages or a craft drink brand owner and you are looking for export markets you should first talk to us.

Take Back Control of Your Brand

INDIEDRINKS.DIRECT is a platform for independent thinkers that allows small producers to choose where and how they want to sell their brands.

Why Join Us?

Your Time is Money. We Respect Both

Why waste your time looking for distributors when you can start selling straight away after listing with INDIEDRINKS.DIRECT?

Local Knowledge is The Key To Success

Our global network of local distribution partners, know the market, understand the culture and have a ready made network of bars, restaurants and hotels looking for new innovative brands.

Total Transparency & Maximum Control

INDIEDRINKS.DIRECT will give you the foundation to build your brand whilst retaining maximum control of how, where and at what price you will be selling it.

INDIEDRINKS.DIRECT has opened a window into the world of smaller, but ambitious brands, that would have wasted time and money trying to convince traditional distributors to list them.

Andrei Lesment
Founder of Kaja Pizza Köök

Expanding Globally.

INDIEDRINKS.DIRECT was founded by drinks professionals like you. With more than 40 years experience in the industry, we’ve worked with both brand owners as well as importer/distributors, so we understand the challenges from both sides.

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Cost Saving

Instead of the usual 40-50% margin managed by importers, distributors and wholesalers, we have a 5% commission on successful sales to your B2B customers. A savings of up to 40% to spend on developing your brand.

We joined the INDIEDRINKS.DIRECT platform because we recognized an opportunity that the platform offered us by providing fast, transparent, and easy access to new export markets.

Peter Clancy
CEO, Lough Ree Distillery

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